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For many years we ran a successful eBay store offering kits and components, we look forward to offering you the same level of customer service here as we have at previously at our eBay store.

Again, thank you for your support - through this you are helping us to research, develop and improve our products.

nano range of ready-to-use FRC(Flexible Round Cable)[TM] for Raspberry Pi or similar computers for use with camera/display

nano range of ready-to-use FRC(Flexible Round Cable)[TM] for Raspberry Pi or similar computers for use with camera/display

This is a new product range of hand-built miniature cables for your Raspberry Pi (or similar) projects. We have added a standard HDMI plug to the image for scale, so you can see the tiny size of the components we have used. This size reduction and design enables connections at both the Pi and the camera/display to be completely concealed within their respective cases. All cables are fully shielded, including all data lines, giving a perfect video image.

In addition, each FRCtm comes with a complete selection of 5 x FFCs(Flexible Flat Cable) to ensure you achieve the most appropriate design for your application (see photo):

This gives you simple push-pull-fit for inserting/removing your cable - once the FFC has been connected to your Pi and camera/display - no more opening cases!

This FFC set may also be purchased separately.

You will be sent:

  • ready-to-use FRCtm
  • 10cm, 5cm, 3cm, 2cm(approx), direct(9mm) FFCs
  • sufficient sleeving to cover FFCs

You can purchase with the full confidence of our eBay reputation:



Cables are currently built to order in a range of 3 base lengths (1m, 2m, 3m) and 3 customised lengths (<1m, <2m, <3m). For customised lengths please send associated Paypal note or email.

Please email any questions you may have about our products or our services:


Should you have any problems while purchasing, please contact via email to ensure your order has been received correctly.


Inventory shows zero available as product is built-to-order and may take a day to complete, depending on order book.

The cable length quoted is the cut length before components are added and may vary by a few mm - please ask if you require an accurate measurement.

International purchases exclude any tax/duties and are the responsibility of the buyer.

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